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You have ideas, expertise and desire to reach a larger audience.

turn Professional Expertise

into Online Products and courses

Without having to get a digital marketing degree or finding 4 more hours in your day.

You are an expert in your field.

You are ready to share your knowledge with more than just your 1 to 1 clients.


You’ve spent years of your professional career honing your expertise, helping your clients, and becoming a respected expert. Now you are ready to expand your reach and help more people, but where will you have the time to come up with the right way to present it and actually do the work.

So many professionals and experts run into this problem. They have so many ideas, but have a hard time distilling it into the right order and format and never have time to actually put these ideas into action:

You need a digital expert in your corner who can help you reach the people you want to, without you needing to become an expert in digital marketing yourself.

You have all the knowledge required to help more people, but you need to distill all of that knowledge and ideas to a sequence and order that your clients and students can easily follow. Then you need someone to put it into action, so you can continue to work in your expertise area.

You need an expert and a plan.

You need a way to organize your ideas, curate your best ones, make a plan to achieve your goals and implement that plan.

At Clare Concept, we thrive on helping professional experts take the ideas and knowledge they already have and use that to expand their reach and help more people.

"Clare was able to make it better than I could have imagined."

“What would have taken me months and caused a LOT of frustration took us a day. Clare is a listener, she knows my brand and goals for my site, and was able to help me make it better than I could have imagined. And the best thing is that it is done!!!! No more waiting to launch!

Sarah Richardson of Rise, Shine, Run

No matter where you are in the process of bringing your expertise to a digital audience, we use the same process because it follows a framework that is customized to you.

It's Our Concept 2 Clarity Process.

A 12 week done for you service perfect for professionals looking to expand their reach online.

What's Included in the Process?


PHase 1:

We look at all of your ideas, your exact expertise and what you already have in place to create a roadmap of what you should implement in order to reach more clients and achieve your income goals. You’ll also get a detailed plan of what each offer will require in order to be ready to sell.


Phase two:

We use what you already have in place in your business and work to improve those items in design and content so you can start bringing in more clients and more money with what you already have in place.


Phase three:

We strategize and implement your new offers so you can establish yourself as an expert in the digital space and allow clients all over the world to benefit from your knowledge and expertise. We cover content, design and can even work on the creation of the actual product, meaning more things are off your to-do list.

Is c2C Right for You?

We offer Concept 2 Clarity to professionals who are building their business online (or looking to build) through any combination of the following......

Digital Products

Online Courses




Content Creation

“You understood what I needed and was looking for.”

"The experience went smoother than I thought it could because you really understood what I needed and was looking for. I appreciate the way you take time to teach and you communicated everything well."

Miranda Nippes of Printable Island

We also include

these extras:

Adobe Stock Photos

You'll receive a collection of Adobe Stock photos for your digital projects we work on together. You'll make sure you have the right imagery to attract your ideal clients, not those cringy stock photos you see everywhere.


Marketing Guides

Although we execute 95% of the plan with you, there will always be items that you will want to handle long-term. We'll give you short guides with action packed information to make it easy.


Custom Tutorials

Want to change the price of your offer on the fly? Need to update a piece of text on your website that reflects your growth? We will make custom tutorials at the end of your project to show you how to do the steps you might want to tackle yourself.


Are you the next expert professional we get to help expand their reach?

Let’s find out!

Each month we take on just two new projects.

We’d love to see how you are helping people, and if we’re the right partner for your digital goals. We have a few questions, and then we’ll set up a call with Clare to make sure we’re answering all your questions.

Your Professional Experience +

Our Digital Expertise =

A winning Combination

Some of our favorite projects:

About Clare Concept:

We specialize in helping professionals who are experts in their field expand their reach through...

  • Using strategy to take all of their great ideas and making attractive offers out of those ideas that their clients will love.
  • Implementing these plans to allow our clients to achieve their goals, without having to get a marketing degree or take a leave from their day job in order to get everything done.

We view our clients as our partners. When we combine their expertise in their field with our digital marketing skills, it’s an combination that allows our clients to reach their goals of helping more people than they can in their 1-to-1 work and adding more income into their business.

Dr. Nicole Rankins: Teaching A Birthing Course Online

Dr. Nicole Rankins Website

Rise, Shine, Run: Bringing Running to A Wider Audience